Reliable Caterpillar Diesel Generators for Easy Rent and Uninterrupted Power

Widest selection of diesel generators from Caterpillar with Flexible Rental Options and Excellent Support and Services

Benefit from the latest Caterpillar technologies — most of our Rentals Units are the latest models equipped with advanced features that increase productivity, efficiency and safety.

Whether you need a generator to replace a broken-down one or meet increased demand, renting will provide a fast solution to keep your operation moving forward.

Our inventory includes Rental Generators easy to set up, which saves time and helps to keep your operation on schedule.

You'll have the peace of mind of knowing you'll always have access to electricity.

Cat Rental Store: Powering Your Business with Swift Generator Solutions

Renting allows you to get a fast replacement for a generator that's temporarily out of service.

It will also help you meet the increased demand caused by a sudden surge in business. And a rental enables you to test a unit you're thinking of buying to make sure it's a good fit for your business operations.

Discover how our experts can help you get the right power solution that would help your business grow – this includes design of the power plant, mobilizing, installing, operating, maintaining and servicing – we support our clients throughout the life of the projects.

A few of the many great reasons to rent power generators from The Cat Rental Store include:

  • Fast service so that you can get your generator to your jobsite and up and running quickly
  • Flexible rental terms to fit your budget and time frame
  • Expert product selection assistance to help you make an informed decision
  • Complete maintenance and repair service for as long as you have the generator
  • On-site training services to help you and your team use the equipment efficiently and safely

Contact us for dependable power rental solutions in Lebanon and Jordan.